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Chairman of Jet Travel Group

Chairman of the Jie Lu group

  • Founder of Jet Travel Group

  • Member of Guangdong Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese

  • President of the Western Australia Teochew Chamber of Commerce

  • have25More than 10 years of Australian skilled immigration study visa experience

  • More than 25 years of experience in infant and toddler education


Dr. Mark Debsky

Doctor Mark Debowski

President of Jet Travel Group

President of the Jie Lu group

  • Founder of Jet Travel Group, Australian government consultant, founder of Australian IELTS Test Center

  • PhD in Business Administration from Murdoch University, Australia, PhD in Education from Curtin University, Master of Applied Science

  • Former Principal of Taylors College, Australian Study Group

  • With more than35YearEducation management experienceandExtensive experience in a wide range of areas including immigration law

JETOUR overseas - Confidence Guarantee
about Us
Shantou Jielv Immigration and Exit Intermediary Services Co., Ltd.'s main business is:
Skilled Immigration Study Abroad Visa English Training Summer Camp

Shantou Jielv Immigration and Exit Intermediary Service Co., Ltd. is a payment agency in eastern Guangdong.150A deposit of 10,000 yuan, with immigration and study abroad qualifications issued by the Ministry of Public Security and the Department of Education,18An established company with years of experience, and also won the title of "IELTS Exemption" by the Guangdong East Australian Immigration Bureau.

JetLive follows the development of the times and keeps innovating. It focuses on Australian skilled immigration and study abroad applications at world-renowned universities. It focuses on one-on-one IELTS and TOEFL training for studying abroad. It also provides summer camps in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe. It also provides business visas and visa services for visiting relatives and friends in various countries around the world. The company was founded by Ms. Yu, the president of the Western Australia Chaozhou Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Guangdong Federation of Overseas Chinese, and her husband, Dr. Mark, the former president of the Western Australia Learning Group.Closely connected with the Australian government, committed to the research and development of Australia's skilled immigration policy!

Professional faculty ensures
100% Guarantee
Professional tutor
Overseas professors with double doctorates, teachers who have returned from overseas, teachers with level 8 English majors, elegant teaching environment
Experienced in teaching
Jielv has rooted in the east of Guangdong for 18 years, with 18 years of loyal employees. The teacher team is led by teachers with 18 years of teaching experience, providing the most suitable training for students.
one to one tutoring
High success rate, strong targeting, one-to-one training, can quickly and effectively improve English proficiency
Our advantage ADVANTAGE

We maintain long-term cooperative relations with many foreign institutions, providing customers with customized and comprehensive one-stop solutions for going abroad

Convenient distance
The company is located in the downtown building, with underground parking spaces and free parking.
Leading the development of the market, making continuous progress, and providing customers with the latest and hottest foreign consulting services
Rich foundation courses
A variety of popular preparatory courses to help your children learn and be fully prepared for studying abroad
Teachers guarantee
Famous teachers, returnees from prestigious universities, top English students from prestigious universities, internationally certified foreign teachers
Prestigious school guarantee
Many famous schools choose to cultivate talents. I think the first thing they should do is to cultivate their personality.
Brand protection
Founded in Shantou in 2000, rooted in eastern Guangdong, helping millions of families realize their dream of studying abroad
IELTS and TOEFL English training for studying abroad
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